Goodgame Big Farm

Live an exciting life in the country with your own farm in Goodgame Big Farm! You’re in charge of planting and harvesting your fields and, of course, raising your own pigs and cows! You’ll also have to prove your business skills by selling your goods on the market. With your profits, you can keep upgrading and expanding your farm until you become the greatest farmer far and wide!

Online game GoodGame Big Farm

Uncle George has left you his farm, but unfortunately it's in pretty bad shape. Using business skills and the help of your neighbors, family and friends you can turn the overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous farm again!

Goodgame Big Farm

The first online farm strategy game: Build your own farm, raise animals and become part of a big economic cycle. Play now for free!


Goodgame Big Farm is online English game from company Goodgame Studios, which you can play in fullscreen window.


What do I have to do in the game?

The game challenges you to build a big and successful farm! You can produce different goods and process them, and you have everything at hand to build up a production cycle to design your farm in a way that it will perform even better.

What are the symbols on the left all about?

Here you will find quests from different persons you met in the game. When you unlock more contents you will get new quests. If you complete these quests, you may get awesome rewards, so it's always worth checking for new quests.

How do I produce goods and products?

To produce goods is generally very easy, if you keep an eye on your farm. It's possible, to sow and sell different plants and seeds. In addition you should provide a supply of feed for your animals, and prepare fertilizer for your plantations. Nothing will grow by itself, but if you watch over your production facilities, you are half way there!

How do I get gold?

You can get gold in multiple ways. You will get gold rewards with every new level up, and you have the chance to get gold by playing the game daily. This only works if you log in for a few days in a row, though. Also there are quests which will reward you with gold. And if you're still having problems, there is always the option of checking out our online shop ingame, to buy gold there.

What's the advantage of using the farm goods, what can I buy for gold?

The premium farm goods will give you a lot of advantages! You have no waiting time due to production anymore – for example, you don't have to produce feed for your animals in your mill first anymore. The premium feed is already done, will taste great to your animals and you can use it instantly. Also you will get even more experience points for using premium goods, which means you will level up faster. The premium farm goods generally speed up the game, and will make everything a little easier.

Why would I want to improve buildings?

You'll want to improve buildings to use their whole potential. Take your mill, for example: It will be faster with every improvement. Your workers' homes will contain more workers, and so on. The biggest advantage though is the saving of space when you upgrade your old building instead of just placing a new one on your farm. You only have limited space to build on, and you should do the best out of it.

What can I do in the Farm Management window?

In Farm Management you can keep an eye on all your general and farm goods. Here you can buy premium goods or sell your products. Also, the Farm Management will provide an overview for everything you might need for your farm, like greenery, dung, all feeds and fertilizer. Everything at a glance, in one window.

How can i store and release decorations?

If you want to store a decoration, it has to be fully built first. Then, just click the decoration and choose the 'store' option in the ring menu. The decoration will vanish from your farm and pop up in your inventory. If you want to place it on your farm again, you can use the main menu on the lower side of the screen to go to your inventory and do it from there.

Why do I need workers, and how do I keep them satisfied?

If your workers are satisfied, you will save upkeep with every production. The happier they are, the more care they put into their work. If they are unhappy, the production costs will rise – things will break during production and your workers won't be as efficient as before. To keep them satisfied is easy: They want to get entertained by decoration on your farm, to balance out the hard work they do. Remember that while you need homes for your workers, having a lot of them will reduce the happiness of your workers. You will have to even it out with decorations.

How can I expand my farm?

Around your farm you will find unused and overgrown grass areas. If you click on „Buy Farmland“, you will be able to buy these areas to build new stuff on. You can buy them for Farmdollars as well as Gold.